A special herbal tea blend from the highlands of Viet Nam

Domaine Morère specializes in jungle herbal tea
Jungle Herbal Tea 
​​While green and black teas are widely available in Vietnam, Domaine Morère specializes in jungle herbal tea.  Our special blend contains artemisia annua, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years.

Following the ravages of malaria in the ranks of the North Vietnamese army, Mao Tsé Toung started in May 1967 the " 523 " project: a secret research program based on traditional Chinese medicine to cure malaria.  The Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine commissioned this research to one of its members Youyou Tu, a young 36-year -old pharmacist , whose name has been ignored until recently.

Our Discovery
With our plantation in the village of Da Sar, it gave us the opportunity to make interesting discoveries. Artemisaa annua was identified on our Domaine by Mr. Philippe Obliger, Manager of the Botanical Garden of Strasbourg, during his last trip to Vietnam in 2013. He shared his know-how and passion for plants, which helped us to design our first collection of herbal teas.Benefits of Artemisia annua Artemisia annua has interesting medicinal properties. This plant has been used for centuries in the treatment of many diseases including malaria and dermatitis. Leaves are antiperiodic, antiseptic, digestive and febrifuge, which have blood cleansing effects and can treat fevers, colds and diarrhea. It is now being investigated for its potential use as an anti-cancer drug. According to a research published in “Life Science” artemisa annua in combination with iron can kills up to 98% of lung cancers cells in just 16 hours .

The preparation of the jungle herbal tea
The amount of leaves recommended for tea preparation is 5 to 7 grams of leaves for a liter of boiling water (2 to 3 large pinches).  You can prepare the tea in a glass and avoid contact with iron as it reacts with artemisinin. Pour boiling water on the leaves (do not boil the leaves as this destroys artemisinin) , stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and let it steep 10 minutes with a lid on your glass . Then it is necessary to filter the tea (eg in a cloth to avoid contact with iron strainer), pressing the leaves to recover the remnants of dissolved artemisinin and finally let the tea cool down.   You can drink it hot or cold, but we recommend adding a tablespoon of honey to enhance the flavors.