Domaine Morere Jungle Honey, herbal tea

In Viet Nam, honey is used especially for its medicinal properties (intestinal, stomach, and liver ailments, and to heal burns and wounds). Vietnamese people consume it in very small quantities, like sugar, and very rarely is it used in Vietnamese cooking.  In Asia, there are two types of honey, one that comes from bees pollinating wild flowers, and one from bees that pollinate cultivated plants.  Domaine Morère presents these two types as Wild Jungle Honey and Coffee Flower Honey. 


Jungle honey is collected by ethnic groups in the highlands of Viet Nam


This unique honey is sustainably harvested by the Chil, but also by all the ethnic groups in the highlands of Da Lat. Prepared from nectar collected in the wild flowers of the Vietnamese jungle, this honey is 100% pure and unprocessed.

Origin:  Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam, in Lam Dong Province 

Way of extracting:  manual processing of the honey cake

Harvest:  once a year, in the month of June 

Gustative qualities:  length and curvature,  aromas burst in the mouth



Appreciated by connoisseurs, Coffee Flower honey is 100% natural.  Bees gather coffee flowers under the high foliage, sunny slopes of the highlands of Da Lat. Sweet and delicious, Coffee Flower honey exhales perfume of Jasmine, and citrus flavors with a subtle fragrance of wild flowers.  

Origin:    Highlands of Da Lat, Vietnam, in Lam Dong Province 

Way of extracting:    Centrifugal honey extractor 

Harvest:  From January to April

Gustative qualities: Soft and round in the mouth, it has a unique and deliciously fruity taste, with an amber

                                  yellow color.



Royal jelly is a nutritious substance produced by honey bees to feed all newly hatched larvae during the first three days of their lives to stimulate their growth.  Afterward only those larvae selected to become queens will be fed  royal jelly. Rare and precious, royal jelly has a variety of uses and can help to increase overall health such as reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, boost the immune system, fight aging, strengthen the functioning of the nervous system and  increase energy.  High in protein, royal jelly is a good resource for vitamins, particularly B1, B2, B6 and C.

Directly assimilable by the body, the honey is a dynamo natural food.