Domaine Morere History

Domaine Morere History

Pierre's grandfather was the first to plant coffee trees in the Da Lat area

The Domaine Morère carries history, prestige, rarity and excellence.
Very soon Pierre bought land in Da Sar, a unusual right for a foreigner, which was granted to him by local authorities because of his family’s past positive reputation in the region.  He then started to grow coffee. In fact, Pierre is one of only a few foreign persons in Viet Nam allowed to own a coffee plantation.  He planted Arabica and also managed to locate the Bourbon trees left by his grandparents. 

Now Pierre is producing very high quality, small-batch Mountain Arabica and Bourbon coffee for the great pleasure of connoisseurs all over the world.   Bourbon Pointu is widely considered as premium coffee and thanks to Pierre, the Bourbon Pointu has a second life in Da Sar.
Pierre never forgot his roots and decided to return to Vietnam to live in 2007. He first worked on the feasibility study of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park and then moved to Da Sar, following in his family’s footsteps. The village of Da Sar is located 20 km from Da Lat in the highlands of Lam Dong province.  Approximately 500 families are currently living in this region, the cradle of the Chil ethnic group.  


The great grandparents of Pierre Morère moved to Vietnam in 1895. His grandparents settled down in the central region of Vietnam near Da Lat and raised sheep and horses before turning to coffee in the 1930's.  Lucien Faraut, Pierre’s grandfather on his mother’s side, was among the pioneers with Yersin, who founded the hill-town of Da Lat. Mr Faraut convinced the native peoples of Da Lat and Da Sar to plant coffee around the village as they surmised that the area would be perfect for growing coffee trees. On his father’s side, Pierre’s grandfather, Auguste Morère, introduced coffee and rubber trees in the region of Phu-Riêng in Binh Phuoc Province around the same time. Pierre’s parents had to move out of Viet Nam at the end of the War.