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Collaborating with ethnic communities is part of Domaine Morère’s sustainable rural development project. Indeed, because the Central Highlands peoples have always been farmers , the temptation to increase productivity at the expense of quality and tradition is increasingly heavy today.  However, Pierre Morère wishes instead to help the local communities reconnect with the natural environment they have always been so close to and return to organic agriculture that respects the environment. By sharing his experience and rigor in the production and harvesting of coffee, Morère is helping them to promote their products not by quantity but by quality.  Working closely with the Chil in this way, Pierre has helped enable the ethnic group to preserve its land and culture, and to develop joint projects run by the village council.  

​Domaine Morère donates $1 USD for every kilo of coffee to the development projects of these local communities.
A sustainable harvest in close  collaboration with the local ethnic communities

Domaine morere sustainable coffee

In addition to the production area on Domaine Morère, part of the coffee is harvested and purchased from local Mnong Chil communities.