The Da Sar Mountain Coffee is among one of the best Arabicas in the world. Low in caffeine, it is a little tangy and slightly spicy.  Its taste exhales woody and fruity fragrance that persists gently in the mouth. The Mountain Arabica of Domaine Morère is simply unique.


Universally recognized for its excellence, Bourbon coffee is a premium Arabica and ranges among the finest and rarest coffees in the world. Available in extremely limited quantities, this coffee will bring an intense pleasure to the palate of connoisseurs. The medium roast enhances the natural sweetness of the bourbon coffee and carries aromatic flavours of chocolate, nuts and exotic fruit. 



After the red coffee cherries are harvested, there are two methods used to prepare the beans.  The coffee beans must be removed from their fruity pulps and dried before they can be roasted. Domaine Morère coffee is processed using both the wet process and the dry process.

Dry Process

Also known as natural coffee, the dry processing method is the oldest way of processing coffee. The entire cherry after harvest is first cleaned and then placed in the sun to dry in thin layers. Coffee produced by this method is heavy in body, sweet, smooth and complex.


Wet Process

Coffee processed by the wet method requires the use of specific equipment and fresh water throughout the processing. Coffee produced by the wet process results in a coffee that is cleaner brighter, fruitier and regarded as being of higher quality. 

Bourbon coffee has received the rare distinction of " premium coffee"  by the ​Specialty Coffee Association of Japan.

Pierre Morère cultivates incomparable specialty coffees